Emma Whitelock

Emma studied Art alongside English Literature at the University of York St John, specialising in printmaking. Graduating with a First Class Honours degree and the University’s Humanities Prize, she won a British Academy Scholarship to undertake an interdisciplinary MA, by Research in English with History of Art at the University of York. She works in printmaking, painting and photography, which inform and compliment one another, portraying enigmatic scenes on the theme of Woman-Landscape-Time.

Her printmaking methods are usually collagraph and drypoint etching, sometimes combining her photography with the hand etched image by way of digital chine colle. The countryside and coast of Emma’s native Yorkshire act as a theatre, often depicted on the borderland between day and night, when reality is more obscure. There she focuses on a lone female presence, evoking a connection to the landscape. Fascinated with texture and atmosphere, composition is a key element of her work with pathways and horizon lines creating visual journeys. The statuesque lone figures are as timeless as the land, sea and sky – merging the inner with the outer world.

More of Emma’s work can be viewed  at www.emmawhitelock.co.uk.

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