York Printmakers in residence at Murton Museum of Farming

York Printmakers are pleased to announce that we will be partaking in a residency at Murton Museum of Farming from March-October 2016.

What is an artists’ residency?

Artists’ residencies generally involve artists spending time in a particular environment, and creating new work in response to this experience. It is a chance to extend their creative work by developing different approaches, often in collaboration with other artists, the host organisation and the public.

Residencies can add a new dimension for the host because artists bring a fresh eye to things that may be taken for granted. Creative activities and exhibitions engage staff and visitors in new ways, encouraging curiosity, generating ideas and sharing different perspectives.

What will happen here?

There will be printmakers at the museum most weekends working on various print based activities, evolving work in progress will be on show, and the residency will culminate in October with an exhibition of new prints made here.

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 00.27.55

With Thanks

We are grateful to local business Hawthorn Printmakers Supplies in Murton, who are supporting the project by lending a printing press and other equipment for the duration of our residency.

Stay tuned for more info!

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